June Augusta Weaver
Aliases June Morgan
Playby Michelle Trachtenburg
Magic Superhuman Strength and Agility
Born February 13, 1987
Occupation Government Agent
Residence The Garden of Eden
Spouse(s) Dale Morgan (Dead)
Romances Dale Morgan
Affiliations The Government

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The first impression a person would get of June is either that she is a complete egomaniac or that she’s bubbling with confidence. She doesn’t particularly care either which way people see her, but she knows that there is no way that she could have better self esteem. This leads to June also being extremely forward and bold, she will not hesitate to speak her mind or say how she feels. Her humor is sarcastic, and she has little patience for people who get sensitive when she gets sarcastic with them. She’s also not shy about flirting, and if she’s in the right mood will flirt with any man near enough to her age. Though, she’s rarely interested in him as a person, she mostly just wants the excitement that comes with sex.

This is because June is a major adrenaline junky, she loves anything exciting, anything that brings out a lot of feeling and emotion. This leads her to be a dramatic individual. Whatever she’s feeling, she’ll feel it strongly and won’t bother to hide it from the world. If she’s happy, she’ll be bubbling with joy and if she’s sad, she’ll openly sob. But, that’s not to say she’s comfortable with all her emotions. She prefers to only let herself feel what makes life more exciting or thrilling. In fact, if there is an emotion that she doesn’t want to face, she’ll bury it inside until it claws it’s way out. The emotions that most displease her are guilt and fear. Guilt because she is unwilling to face her faults and fear because she feels it holds her back.

With people she knows well, June tends to slightly tone down her extreme persona. While she’ll still be highly expressive around them, they’re the ones that also get to see the fact that she can be very carrying and affectionate. She’ll give soft words and gentle caresses to her loved ones and will do so without hesitation. But that doesn’t mean she cares for them above herself. The only person she has ever loved is herself. Currently this is biting her in the butt, and she is starting to consider that perhaps this is not the best way to live.

As an agent, June’s greatest asset is that she’s very meticulous and organized, as well as steadfast to any task she’s given. She almost always has a plan of attack before rushing into action and will carry through until her mission is complete.


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